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Notices 30th April 2017

Notices 23rd April 2017

Notices 16th April 2017

Notices 9th April 2017

Notices 2nd April 2017

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April/May 2017

'Easter', by Sandra

Christian Aid Week

PCC Away Day

February/March 2017

'Discipleship', by Sandra

Vicar's Sabbatical Plans

Around The Organisations

December 2016/January 2017

'Caring for people', by Sandra

A Christ Church Christmas, 50 years ago

Ottershaw School Prayer Space

October/November 2016

'The gold medal and the glory', by Sandra

What does an Area Dean do?

Toilet Twinning

August/September 2016

'What a week!', by Sandra

Long Live The Queen!

Gaynor trains as a Pastoral Assistant

June/July 2016

'1926: the birth of our Queen', by Sandra

Polar Explorers Holiday Club

Hidden Spaces around Church

April/May 2016

'Sunday is coming', by Sandra

Families Worker Update

4.25 Service and PCC Away Day

February/March 2016

'The importance of the insignificant', by Sandra

The Alpha Course 2016

Farewell to Keith

The editor of the magazine is Melanie Perryman.


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Spring Newsletter 2017

March & April Events Calendar