Come and meet our church family, you'll find a friendly welcome. Our church is a great place for families and children and we are people who care for each other in the ups and downs of life.

At Christ Church you can ask questions and grow, whether you are already a Christian or someone who wants to find out why we believe in God and what our faith means to us.

Sandra Faccini, Vicar

Services and Events

Sunday 22nd April

9am Holy Communion BCP (said)

10.30am Holy Communion CS (sung)

Sunday 29th April

9am Holy Communion CW (said)

10.30am Morning Worship for all

This Week's Activities

Monday 23rd 9.15 am Morning Prayer

Monday 23rd 6.30 pm Youth Group

Tuesday 23rd 7.00 pm Youth Group

Thursday 26th 9.00 am CAMEO Coffee Morning at Brook Hall

Thursday 26th 12.25pm Xtreme Group at Ottershaw Junior School

Thursday 26th 3.05 pm Noah’s Ark Group at Ottershaw Infants School



The Guildford Diocese has a new magazine with news, reports from overseas and at home, and articles by Bishop Andrew and Bishop Jo.

You can pick up a copy in church, and also read it online at the Living Church website



The church will be having stalls at this event and it is always a really good chance for us to meet people who live in the parish. We do need help to get everything needed for the stalls to the field and set up before noon, to run a variety of stalls from 12 noon to 4 pm and to bring items and equipment back to the church at the end. We also need bottles of wine for our popular 'Water or Wine' stall and these can be left on the pew in the entrance hall. Lots of hands will make light work and this is always an enjoyable afternoon so please help us to make the church stall the best it can be by signing up. For more information please speak to Roger or Lesley. Thank you.